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Corporate Social Responsibility


Cilji predmeta

- Graduates understand the role of ethical theories in CSR development, as well as the key challenges of modern management and business practice
- Graduates understand key challenges in developing and implementing CSR/corporate sustainability projects
- Graduates are able to develop program logic models for CSR/corporate sustainability projects
- Graduates are able to design strategy maps/causal linkage models for CSR/corporate sustainability projects
- Graduates are able to develop and implement field study tools (questionnaires, interview protocols, experiment designs etc.) for measurement of social, environmental and economic impacts (i.e. social impact analysis, performance measurement)
- Graduates understand the tensions and dilemmas that managers are facing while trying to simultaneously manage socila, environmental, economic and financial performance (i.e. sustainability trade-offs)
- Graduates demonstrate the ability to provide arguments, make considered decisions, and act in a way that is ethical and socially/environmentally responsible

Vsebina predmeta

1. Introduction to corporate social responsibility and corporate sustainability - key concepts, trends, issues and theoretical schools.
2. The Corporate Sustainability Model--a practical tool to plan, execute and control CSR/social impact projects for achieving greater social, environmental and economic impacts. An overview of world's leading corporate practices and sustainability leaders in Slovenia.
3. Project (workshops): identification of a social, environmental or economic issue and development of a real-life CSR/sustainability project for selected organization:
- development of of project purpose and goals
- development of program logic models
- development of causal linkage maps,
- development of KPIs for measurement and reporting - proposal of methodology to measure social, environmental and economic impacts
4. Project presentations
5. Additional topic: Capital investments and the integration of sustainability risks into investment decisions

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