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Tourism Marketing


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Hospitality and tourism products and their consumers are significantly different from other goods and services. This course examines these variances and their implications to tourism marketing strategy and applications. The objectives of the course are to:
1. Examine the role of marketing within the strategic planning process in tourism organisation.
2. Teach students the applications and techniques of marketing strategy in tourism organisations.

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1. Introduction to Marketing
a. definition of marketing
b. the marketing process
c. historical perspectives
2. Services and Relationship Marketing
a. unique characteristics of service
b. relationship Marketing
c. experiential Marketing
d. unique characteristics of tourisms
3. The Gaps Model of Service Quality
a. the service value chain
b. customer service expectations
c. customer perceptions of service
4. Marketing Research
a. consumer research
b. competitive research
c. industry research
d. environmental scanning
5. Market segmentation
a. market positioning
b. market segmentation
c. target market selection
6. Relationship Marketing
a. service failure and recovery
b. firing the customers
7. Services Pricing
a. pricing models
b. revenue managemt in tourism
8. The Financial and Economic Impact of Services
a. ROI of services marketing
b. offensive and defensive marketing strategies
c. company performance measurement

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