Master in International Business

»Think globally, act locally, live glocally«
»The business of international business is culture« (Geert Hofstede, 1994)

We are living in an exponentially globalising world where business continues to be increasingly boundless, transcending geographical space, time and cultures. This requires a global perspective and a local/regional understanding, which call for the building of glocal business mindsets to meet future business challenges. If you see yourself working in an international environment, have ambitions to work abroad for an international company, or would simply like to do business with people from different cultures, then the Master of International Business programme is the right choice for you!

Choose our master's degree programme in International Business and study on a programme that is recognised and is listed in the renowned QS International Trade Rankings MBA/Masters 2024!

Duration of study 2 years (4 semesters)
Scope of ECTS 120 ECTS
Study status full-time
Degree Master of Arts (MA) – second cycle graduate in International Business

Mission and vision of the IB master programme

The IB master programme is a flagship international business programme at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, which is now even more interdisciplinary and focusing on emerging trends in the global environment. Its mission is closely connected to the overall mission of our school and focuses on educating principled international leaders with a global mindset, entrepreneurial spirit and regional perspective who contribute to international business and society. The programme also draws on Slovenia’s unique geographical position and history. It enables a unique learning experience in the heart of Europe where western and eastern, northern and southern European business cultures meet to help build a unique glocal business mindset.

The vision of our programme is to become a-leading interdisciplinary and entrepreneurially oriented programme of international business for the challenges of business and society in the 21 st century internationally. In meeting this vision, in 2014 the programme applied for the Certificate for the Quality of Internationalisation (CeQUINT) provided by the European Consortium for Accreditation (ECA).

Key principles of the IB master programme

Bringing an unique international entrepreneurial business experience to the classroom: The IB master programme is one of the most internationally-oriented and interdisciplinary master programmes at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business. On average, the IB master programme enrols students of about 20 different nationalities every year, including students from myriad EU countries (Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic etc.), the Western Balkans, the Russian Federation, China, South Korea, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and North America. On top of the diverse cultural background of our students and the international background of our faculty teaching in the programme, several long-term visiting faculty from renowned universities ensure that every year our students receive the best possible know-how from around the world.

Our approaches to teaching: In line with its goal of internationalisation, the IB master programme includes the development of the following competencies:

  • to encouraging critical thinking about global societal and business challenges in an interdisciplinary manner and to seek innovative socially responsible business solutions apropriate for the local context;
  • to foster understanding and sensitivity to local and glocal aspects of international business;
  • to facilitate an international study exchange experience for most students;
  • to employ research methods and procedures, and critically assess processes in international operations (em.e., techniques, forms, organisations, management, market analyses, and market changes);
  • to use cutting edge concepts from business, management, economics and social sciences to address challenges in the global and local environments;
  • to foster teamwork and carry work in multidisciplinary groups (an integral approach at the level of the company and its external partners);
  • to independently resolve complex problems in global and localized operations (e.g., decisions about a company’s market entry) in a systematic and structured manner;
  • to understand the diverse nature of markets, societies and international stakeholders;
  • to develop a sensitivity for ethical reflection and- sustainable and socially responsible business;
  • to learn independently, integrate knowledge, flexibly adapt to new situations, and creatively seek solutions to problems in companies or other organisations active in international markets; and
  • to proactively organise, manage and facilitate the growth of companies and other organisations in global, regional and local contexts.

Our teaching approaches focus on integrating insights and experiences from both Slovenian and international professors by incorporating a wide range of interactive and innovative teaching methods centred on interaction with students and problem-based learning in a variety of formats, including: ex-cathedra lectures, interactive class discussions, analyses of case studies, individual assignments and team projects (written and oral). This is all done with the final goal of providing our students with an appropriate glocal mindset. Local and international top and middle managers also share their knowledge and experience with our students and thus provide a forum for discussing ideas with them, while exposing them to real issues from the business world. Throughout the programme students carry out different projects related to genuine business problems of actual companies by employing various analytical techniques. The IB master programme also offers several exchange opportunities to its students in Europe, East Asia and Central Asia, or North America.

Double Degree

Students enrolled in Master programme, specialization International Business, have a possibility (first year, first semester) to opt for a Double Degree programme and spend a part of their studies at partner institution based on a valid agreement/tender. Number of places is limited.

SEB LU is currently offering double degree (for specialization International Business) with the following partner institution(s):

Normally Double degree programme includes spending one year at SEB LU and one year at partner institution. After successful completion of all programme requirements student receives a master degree from SEB LU as well as a degree from partner institution.

More information about Double Degree programmes

Careers of our graduates

Graduates from our IB programme hold many different positions abroad and in Slovenia, for example: export managers, executives holding international business and international marketing business functions, managers of subsidiaries or representative offices abroad, marketing managers of subsidiaries abroad or in Slovenia, brand or product managers in international companies, chiefs of logistics or supply chain management, procurement managers, international project managers etc. IB graduates are currently employed by companies such as: Ernst & Young, Danfoss Trata, Pro Sky France, Confucius Institute Ljubljana, Transparency International, the Delo publishing house, different ministries and institutions which support the internationalisation of Slovenian companies (e.g. the SPIRIT agency), to name just a few.


1st year

Semester Course Type ECTS
1. (winter) Managerial Economics 9 7
1. (winter) Research Methods and Techniques 9 7
1. (winter) International Business Environment 10 7
1. (winter) Business Logistics Management 10 7
2. (spring) Economic Policies of the EU 9 7
2. (spring) Transnational Management 10 7
2. (spring) Sustainable Marketing on Regional Markets 10 7
2. (spring) ELECTIVE COURSE 13 7
2. (spring) Business Skills Development 1 / 4

2nd year

Semester Course Type ECTS
3. (winter) International Business, Societies and Cultures 10 7
3. (winter) * International Business Logistics 11 7
* Risk Management in International Business 11 7
3. (winter) ** International Competitiveness: Concepts and Analytical Approaches 11 7
** Consumer Behavior in a Global Environment 11 7
4. (spring) ELECTIVE COURSE 13 7
4. (spring) Business Skills Development 2 / 4
4. (spring) MASTER'S THESIS / 21
* Student selects one of the two offered courses type 11.
** Student selects one of the two offered courses type 11.
This programme is ranked on the prestigious QS International Trade Rankings MBA/Masters 2024.
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