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Student Work

In Slovenia students can work through an instrument called ‘Student Work’. This allows temporary and part-time work for college and university students. They can work via a special type of contract called referral forms/referrals, which can be obtained from employment agencies specialised for student work. Agencies, called Student Services (Studentski servis), offer lists of available student jobs and take care of payments. There are many different agencies around Slovenia.

The minimum possible payment is €4.50 (€0.70 deducted as the contribution to pension and disability insurance).

All international students working through SS agencies are also deducted 22.5% of each payment for the purposes of the prepayment of income tax. In those cases where there is a signed treaty for the avoidance of double taxation with the student’s country of origin, the prepayment can be refunded. To find information about which countries fall under this rule, it is best to refer to the tax administration office.

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