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Consumer Behavior


Cilji predmeta

The overarching aim of the course is to enhance the students' ability to incorporate a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior into marketing practice. The course will introduce the core concepts and frameworks of consumer behavior derived from diverse traditions of consumer research. The students will learn to build upon these concepts and frameworks and apply them to solving complex marketing problems. The students will learn to approach consumer behavior from varying angles that, when combined, lead toward a comprehensive understanding of today's dynamic consumers and their interaction with products, services and marketing.

Vsebina predmeta

1. Course introduction - overview of course and assignments.

2. Consumer behavior and consumer research traditions.

3. Introduction of consumer behavior concepts and frameworks - the psychological tradition.

4. Consumer research as the basis of branding strategy

5. Introduction of consumer behavior concepts and frameworks - the socio-cultural tradition.

6. Consumer culture and cultural strategy.

7. Team project presentations and discussion.

Nosilci predmeta

  • red. prof. dr. Irena Vida

  • Katedra za trženje (redna članica)
  • Katedra za management in organizacijo (pridružena članica)
  • Katedra za mednarodno ekonomijo in poslovanje (pridružena članica)
  • Govorilne ure
  • sreda ob 12.00 v P-319
  • oz. po dogovoru po e-pošti.
  • POZOR: Aktualna sprememba govorilnih ur
  • Govorilne ure
  • sreda ob 9.30 v P-323
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