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Environmental Economics in Tourism


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- To introduce to students environmental issues in tourism and the basics of environmental policy in the field of tourism.
- To provide background knowledge for ecological (and economic) behavior of individual entities of tourism industry: both at national and the enterprise level of operation.
- To emphasize the economic dimension.

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1. Introduction
2. Tourism
3. Tourism impacts
3.1. Impacts on economic environment
3.2. Impacts on natural environment
3.3. Impacts on cultural environment
3.4. Impacts on social environment
4. Environmental theories on the existence and prevention of environmental damage
5. Environmental policy in tourism
6. Instruments of environmental policy and their application to tourism
6.1. Administrative instruments
6.2. Fiscal instruments
6.3. Market instruments
7. Monitoring of environmental impacts and indicators
8. Applicability of environmental policy
9. Case studies

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