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Service Design and Innovatios in Tourism


Cilji predmeta

This course provides an understanding about the nature of the touristic experience and helps participants to critically assess the relevance and applicability of new approaches to delivering meaningful tourism experiences. Having successfully completed this course, participants will demonstrate ability to:

- Actively participate in service design.
- Develop innovative customer-oriented products and services.
- Ability to present excellent justifications for pricing, marketing and selling decisions.
- Show excellent contribution to the work in project group.

Vsebina predmeta

1. Experience economy
2. Nature of touristic experience
3. Service Design as a foundation for
innovation in tourism products
4. Tourism product development process
5. Co-creation in tourism
6. Theming and storytelling
7. Sustainable innovations
8. Quality, safety and security
9. Tourism product marketing and selling
10. Pricing tourism products
11. Creating total customer experience

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