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Many people equate marketing with advertising, but it is much more than that. Marketing is based on customer understanding and is trying to create a suitable offer for the customer with inspiration and innovation. It is a way of thinking that allows organizations to build competitive advantage and better business even in unfavorable conditions. It is a link between the company and its customers, both on end-user markets and on inter-organizational markets.

Are you interested in what marketing allows and how to properly use marketing knowledge and tools during the digitalization process, the increasing use of artificial intelligence and closer integration of global economies?

Then enrollment in the second-cycle Marketing program is the right choice for you - creative, dynamic and ambitious students.

Duration of study 2 years (4 semesters)
Scope of ECTS 120 ECTS
Study status full-time
Degree Master of Arts (MA) – second cycle graduate in Marketing

Knowledge and skills acquired through studies in this program:

The Marketing program offers you an in-depth understanding of state-of-the-art (digital) -trade concepts and tools that you will learn through the theory and practice examples. With the implementation of marketing projects for reputable companies and the opportunity to attend lectures from foreign renowned teachers in marketing, you will acquire skills and knowledge for successful professional work in marketing and interdisciplinary teams, and you can effectively communicate with experts in other fields, including in the international environment. Especially if you take the opportunity to gain international experience in study exchange abroad.

Upon completing the study program, you will be trained in the analysis, synthesis and independent development of solutions to the complex-marketing problems encountered by companies, public institutions and non-governmental organizations during the digitalization of business and marketing processes. By using the latest research methods and procedures, you will develop critical judgment and easily apply marketing concepts in marketing practice.

With the help of basic knowledge gained from marketing studies, you will also develop the ability to self-learn, adapt to new technological and social conditions, and creative search for marketing solutions in them. Knowing innovative approaches and understanding modern digitally skilled users, you will be able to find market opportunities, recognize good business ideas, develop and market new brands, or upgrade existing ones. You will understand how to follow the highest ethical standards and social responsibility in your work.

You will also acquire the skills to manage employees, especially in the field of marketing and marketing communications, and for introducing marketing philosophy at all levels and in all business functions within the organization.

Organizations / institutions / companies where employment is possible:

As graduates of the second cycle graduate Marketing program, you will gain a high level of professional competencies in the business field and can work in many sectors, such as the manufacturing and service sectors, the public sector and the non-government sector. You will be qualified professionally to work in marketing, digital marketing, marketing communication, sales, brand management and marketing research, as well as to work in research and consulting organizations at home and abroad.


  • marketing manager / marketing manager for local, regional and international markets
  • customer care / digital marketing administrator / sales manager / export agent
  • trademark manager / product manager
  • marketing/sales analyst / researcher


1st year

Semester Course Type ECTS
1. (winter) Managerial Economics 9 7
1. (winter) Research Methods and Techniques 9 7
1. (winter) Strategic Marketing Management 10 7
1. (winter) Accounting Information for Decision-Making 10 7
2. (spring) Strategic Management 2 9 7
2. (spring) Sales and Business Marketing Management 10 7
2. (spring) * Integrated Marketing Communications 11 7
* Marketing and Sales Across Cultures 11 7
2. (spring) ELECTIVE COURSE 13 7
2. (spring) Business Skills Development 1 / 4
* Student selects one of the two offered courses type 11.

2nd year

Semester Course Type ECTS
3. (winter) Brand Management 10 7
3. (winter) Analysis for Marketing Decisions 10 7
3. (winter) ** Pricing Strategies 11 7
** New Product Development 11 7
4. (spring) ELECTIVE COURSE 13 7
4. (spring) Business Skills Development 2 / 4
4. (spring) MASTER'S THESIS / 21
** Student selects one of the two offered courses type 11.


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