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Organizational Behavior


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The course is designed to provide students with an overview of the fundamental theoretical frameworks of behavior within organizations and to acquaint them with the latest research in the field. It includes theoretical, empirical and applications issues examined from individual, interpersonal, group and organizational perspectives.

An emphasis throughout the course is given to the practical application of managing within organizations.

Basic objectives include:
- understand the main constructs, theoretical frameworks and terminology of OB
-understand how individual competences influence the group dynamics and vice versa and apprehend the influence of organizational processes on individual and group behavior
-develop a holistic viewpoint towards the interrelatedness of different factors and processes within organizational behavior
-understand how OB knowledge contributes to organizational success and development

Students will be presented with contemporary business challenges related to own and others' behavior in the workplace and identify proactive olutions to solve them.

Vsebina predmeta

1. Introduction to the field, basic concepts and theories of organisational behaviour

2. The role of individual in the organization
2.1. Individual values
2.2. Personality-related concepts
2.3. Job attitudes
2.4. Perception and individual decision-making
2.5. Learning
2.6. Emotions and moods in the organizational setting
2.7. Motivational constructs and theories

3. Group processes
3.1. Characteristics of group dynamics
3.2. Teamwork
3.3. Leadership (traditional and contemporary perspective)
3.4. Effective communication with employees
3.5. Power and influence in the workplace (individual sources of power)
3.6. Conflict resolution

4. Organizational dynamics
4.1. Stress and mindfulness in organizations
4.2. Balancing professional and family life
4.3. Happiness and well-being
4.4. Coping with conflicting demands: individual perspective and human-resource perspective
4.5. Organizational culture
4.6. The impact of digitalization

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