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Marketing Research


Cilji predmeta

- To learn the role of marketing research and marketing research process.
- To understand the basics of marketing research that enables students to acquire quality data for marketing decision-making.
- To develop the ability to design and implement marketing research.
- To teach students how to design a questionnaire for survey and a reminder for observation.
- To repeat the knowledge of statistics and learn to apply this knowledge to solve specific research problems.
- To develop the capacity of evaluation and assessing the quality of the marketing information.

- ability to analyse and synthesize;
- ability to work in group to conduct problem solving in the area of marketing research;
- ability to prepare remainder for focus froups and questionnaire for survey;
- ability to statistically analyze data;
- ability to produce written reports;
- ability to present a group written project.

Vsebina predmeta

1. The role of marketing research and an overview of the marketing research process
2. Defining the marketing research problem and developing an approach
3. Research design formulation
3.1. Basic research designs
3.2. Exploratory research design: secondary data and qualitative research
3.3. Descriptive research design: Survey and observation
3.4. Causal research design: experimentation
3.5. Measurement and scaling
3.6. Questionnaire design
3.7. Sampling
4. Data collection, analysis and reporting
4.1. Data preparation
4.2. Basic data analysis
4.3. Hypotheses testing
4.4. Correlation and regression
4.5. Report preparation and presentation
5. Ethics in marketing research

Nosilci predmeta

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