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Have you ever wondered why you choose a certain brand and not another? What kind of meaning does product packaging bear and why it is important where it is on a shelf? Why are some ads more creative and who is behind them? What is a market research and why is it important? And yet – what does a positive image of some people in the eyes of others have to do with marketing?

A lot. Study of marketing provides answers to these and other questions. The programmme is designed in a way that the theoretical knowledge acquired during studies integrates with practice (preparation of marketing projects and case studies, visiting guests from business etc.). The Marketing programme provides students with knowledge and skills from the field of marketing along with a spectrum of vital business functions and a basic understanding of the business environment. It is offered within the university degree – Business and Economics Sciences. After completing their studies, students have many career opportunities in marketing research, advertising, brand management, organizing events, public relations etc. The undergraduate programme also offers an excellent springboard for further education on master level. Students are encouraged to enrich and upgrade their knowledge by enrolling in any of our Master programmes.

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Students enrolled in Bachelor programme, specialization Marketing, have a possibility (first semester of the second year) to opt for a Double Degree programme and spend a part of their studies at partner institution based on a valid agreement/tender. Number of places is limited.

SEB LU is currently offering double degree (for specialization Marketing) with the following partner institution(s):

Normally Double degree programme includes spending two years at SEB LU and one and a half year at partner institution. After successful completion of all programme requirements student receives a bachelor degree from SEB LU as well as a degree from partner institution.

More information about Double Degree programmes.


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