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Learning and Knowledge Management


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The basic objective of the course is a comprehensive view of development of theories and modern case studies of practice in the field of knowledge management and learning. Students will realize that the future of management process raises questions on how to create an appropriate organizational culture that will put in place a process of knowledge management and learning and that will develop the intellectual capital of the organization. Modern organization theory explains how to develop, promote, expand and maintain organizational skills to help achieve sustainable competitive advantage in a knowledge society. Therefore, students will learn how modern organizations face the challenge of the knowledge economy that dictates different content requirements and questions to top management and requires establishing mechanisms for systematic monitoring and management of knowledge management and learning. The discipline of knowledge management builds on a broad source of scientific disciplines, from anthropology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, economics and information technology. The latter branch is attributed primary importance for the intensive growth of this field, as various information technology solutions represent a pivotal role in knowledge transfer along the organization. A developed system of knowledge management and learning management namely enables the management of knowledge at the individual, team and organizational levels. Based on case studies of learning organizations, the students will be presented with the different models of knowledge management and organizational learning. Also featured in the course framework will be the importance of the concept of organizational knowledge to manager's work in practice as a collection of principles, facts, skills, and rules that support organizational decision-making, organizational behavior and its operation.

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Knowledge management and organizational learning – basic concepts and definitions
Knowledge and intellectual capital
Multiple intelligences and contemporary approaches to learning
Learning styles and experiential learning
Organizational learning process and learning organization
Learning organization and authentic leadership
Intercultural comparison of knowledge management and organizational learning systems
Strategic knowledge management
Enabling knowledge sharing
Implementing knowledge management
Case studies on learning and knowledge management (guest lectures from business practice)

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