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Does working abroad get you excited? Have you been thinking about proving your knowledge in the EU, or working in Russia, China, Mexico or Azerbaijan? Do you become anxious when thinking about whether you would be able to adapt to the local environment? Or would you simply like to find out in which ways an international company can finance and market itself, and which risks are present in a particular market and how to manage them. When is the best time for a business to enter a foreign market? Where do the opportunities and traps lie?
Did you know that in China it is inappropriate to bring a business present that is black or white in colour, because they symbolise mourning? Would you like to learn more about the codes of conduct for dealing with businesses from other countries? Are you interested in the risks involved in the event of a worsening of political or economic circumstances, how to protect oneself in the case where the value of currencies decrease, or to learn how to research a market you are considering entering? Studying international business will enable you to both acquire knowledge from practice and prepare you for the tougher competitive circumstances and the speed of technological development brought on by globalisation.

The study of international business will provide you with the knowledge required for positions like a department manager for international business/marketing, branch representative for foreign markets, branch manager, marketing specialist in a sales branch abroad or a foreign branch in Slovenia, manager of a department, independent advisor in the public service or in institutions dealing with international commerce, a sales or supplies manager for foreign markets, a brand manager, logistics manager etc.

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Double Degree

Students enrolled in Bachelor programme, specialization International Business, have a possibility (first semester of the second year) to opt for a Double Degree programme and spend a part of their studies at partner institution based on a valid agreement/tender. Number of places is limited.

SEB LU is currently offering double degree (for specialization International Business) with the following partner institution(s):

Normally Double degree programme includes spending two years at SEB LU and one year at partner institution. After successful completion of all programme requirements student receives a bachelor degree from SEB LU as well as a degree from partner institution.

More information about Double Degree programmes.


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