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Ahčan Aleš, PhD, Full Professor
Aleksić Darija, PhD, Teaching Assistant
Antončič Boštjan, PhD, Full Professor
Babič Katja, Teaching Assistant
Balas Rant Melita, PhD, Assistant Professor
Bavdaž Mojca, PhD, Associate Professor
Berk Skok Aleš, PhD, Associate Professor
Bodlaj Mateja, PhD, Assistant Professor
Božič Katerina, Teaching Assistant
Bratec Miha, MSc, Teaching Assistant
Breskvar Peter, Lecturer in Physical Education
Budler Marko, Teaching Assistant
Castelli Mauro, PhD, Assistant Professor
Cepec Jaka, PhD, Assistant Professor
Cibic Damir, MSc, Senior Lecturer
Cirman Andreja, PhD, Associate Professor
Colnar Simon, Teaching Assistant
Culiberg Barbara, PhD, Assistant Professor
Čadež Simon, PhD, Associate Professor
Čater Barbara, PhD, Associate Professor
Čater Tomaž, PhD, Full Professor
Čepon Slavica, PhD, Assistant Professor
Černe Matej, PhD, Assistant Professor
Čertanec Ana, PhD, Teaching Assistant
Čok Mitja, PhD, Full Professor
Črnigoj Matjaž, PhD, Assistant Professor
Damij Talib, PhD, Full Professor
Damijan Jože, PhD, Full Professor
Damijan Sandra, PhD, Teaching Assistant
Dimovski Vlado, PhD, Full Professor
Dmitrović Tanja, PhD, Full Professor
Dobnik Nadja, PhD, Lecturer in French
Dolšak Janez, Teaching Assistant
Domadenik Polona, PhD, Full Professor
Dostal Mateja, PhD, Lecturer in English
Došenović Bonča Petra, PhD, Associate Professor
Drnovšek Mateja, PhD, Full Professor
Džonova Jerman Blažič Borka, PhD, Full Professor
Erjavec Jure, PhD, Assistant Professor
Farčnik Daša, PhD, Assistant Professor
Feldin Aljoša, PhD, Assistant Professor
Ferbar Tratar Liljana, PhD, Full Professor
Foye James Patrick, PhD, Teaching Assistant
Gidaković Petar
Gomboc Marina, Teaching Assistant
Gradišar Miro, PhD, Full Professor
Grah Barbara, PhD, Teaching Assistant
Gregorič Aleksandra, PhD, Associate Professor
Groznik Aleš, PhD, Full Professor
Guštin Ada, Teaching Assistant
Hočevar Marko, PhD, Full Professor
Hrovatin Nevenka, PhD, Full Professor
Igličar Aleksander, MSc, Senior Lecturer
Indihar Štemberger Mojca, PhD, Full Professor
Istenič Tanja, PhD, Teaching Assistant
Ivašković Igor, PhD, Assistant Professor
Jaklič Jurij, PhD, Full Professor
Jaklič Marko, PhD, Full Professor
Jakšič Marko, PhD, Associate Professor
Jeram Nina, Lecturer in Physical Education
Kamnik Doroteja, Teaching Assistant
Kansky - Rožman Ženja, MA, Lecturer in English
Kaše Robert, PhD, Associate Professor
Kešeljević Aleksandar, PhD, Associate Professor
Kilar Vita, MA, Lecturer in German
Klun Monika, Teaching Assistant
Knežević Cvelbar Ljubica, PhD, Associate Professor
Kokol Bukovšek Damjana, PhD, Associate Professor
Kolar Tomaž, PhD, Associate Professor
Koman Matjaž, PhD, Associate Professor
Konečnik Ruzzier Maja, PhD, Full Professor
Korenjak Černe Simona, PhD, Assistant Professor
Korže Branko, PhD, Associate Professor
Kos Koklič Mateja, PhD, Associate Professor
Kostevc Črt, PhD, Associate Professor
Košak Marko, PhD, Full Professor
Kotnik Patricia, PhD, Assistant Professor
Kovač Bogomir, PhD, Full Professor
Kovač Mitja, PhD, Associate Professor
Kuščer Kir, PhD, Assistant Professor
Lahovnik Matej, PhD, Full Professor
Lenassi Nives, PhD, Assistant Professor
Ličen Mina, Teaching Assistant
Lindič Jaka, PhD, Assistant Professor
Lončarski Igor, PhD, Associate Professor
Lotrič Dolinar Aleša, PhD, Teaching Assistant
Makovec Brenčič Maja, PhD, Full Professor
Manfreda Anton, PhD, Assistant Professor
Marc Mojca, PhD, Associate Professor
Marinč Matej, PhD, Associate Professor
Marinšek Denis, PhD, CFA, Assistant Professor
Martič Matjaž, MA, Lecturer in English
Masten Igor, PhD, Full Professor
Mihalič Tanja, PhD, Full Professor
Mihelič Katarina Katja, PhD, Associate Professor
Mojškerc Blaž, PhD, Teaching Assistant
Mörec Barbara, PhD, Assistant Professor
Mrak Mojmir, PhD, Jean Monnet Chair, Full Professor
Mramor Dušan, PhD, Full Professor
Oblak Ana, Teaching Assistant
Ograjenšek Irena, PhD, Full Professor
Pahor Marko, PhD, Full Professor
Pavasović Trošt Tamara, PhD, Assistant Professor
Peljhan Darja, PhD, Associate Professor
Penger Sandra, PhD, Associate Professor
Peterlin Judita, PhD, Assistant Professor
Pfajfar Gregor, PhD, Assistant Professor
Polanec Sašo, PhD, Full Professor
Ponikvar Nina, PhD, Associate Professor
Popovič Aleš, PhD, Associate Professor
Prašnikar Janez, PhD, Full Professor
Pustoslemšek Tamara, Teaching Assistant
Pustovrh Aleš, PhD, Teaching Assistant
Rangus Kaja, PhD, Assistant Professor
Rant Vasja, PhD, Associate Professor
Redek Tjaša, PhD, Associate Professor
Rejc Buhovac Adriana, PhD, Full Professor
Repovš Eva, Teaching Assistant
Rovan Jože, PhD, Associate Professor
Rusjan Borut, PhD, Full Professor
Sambt Jože, PhD, Associate Professor
Sitar Aleša Saša, PhD, Assistant Professor
Slapničar Sergeja, PhD, Associate Professor
Slapnik Ursula
Slavec Gomezel Alenka, PhD, Assistant Professor
Spruk Rok, PhD, Teaching Assistant
Stare Aljaž, PhD, Assistant Professor
Sušjan Andrej, PhD, Full Professor
Svetina Nabergoj Anja, PhD, Associate Professor
Svetlin Gvardjančič Polonca, MA, Lecturer in German
Škerlavaj Miha, PhD, Associate Professor
Šlander Wostner Sonja, PhD, Teaching Assistant
Švegl Urša, Teaching Assistant
Švigelj Matej, PhD, Associate Professor
Tekavčič Metka, PhD, Full Professor
Toman Aleš, PhD, Teaching Assistant
Tomat Luka, PhD, Teaching Assistant
Trkman Peter, PhD, Associate Professor
Turk Tomaž, PhD, Full Professor
Umek Alenka, MA, Lecturer in English
Vadnjal Jaka, PhD, Assistant Professor
Valentinčič Aljoša, PhD, Full Professor
Verbič Miroslav, PhD, Associate Professor
Vida Irena, PhD, Full Professor
Vrbinc Alenka, PhD, Associate Professor
Vrh Nataša, Teaching Assistant
Vuchkovski Davor, Teaching Assistant
Zajc Kejžar Katja, PhD, Full Professor
Zaman Groff Maja, PhD, Associate Professor
Zečević Mila, Teaching Assistant
Zorić Jelena, PhD, Associate Professor
Zovko Vinko, MSc, Lecturer in Physical Education
Zupan Blaž, PhD, Assistant Professor
Zupan Nada, PhD, Full Professor
Žabkar Vesna, PhD, Full Professor
Žnidaršič Jana, PhD, Associate Professor
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